About SEA IGF 2021

The Southeast Asia Internet Governance Forum (SEA-IGF) 2021 aspires to foster and regularize a multi-stakeholder conversation on internet issues in the region. We view open, inclusive, and consultative sessions as the backbone to ensure a comprehensive approach and solution tackling various trends, issues, and problems arising out of the internet landscape. 

Therefore, we are delighted and feel honoured to collaborate with influential stakeholders in the Southeast Asia region in 2021. Our multi-stakeholder committee are comprised of:

Steering Committee

This committee would be responsible to ensure the overall aspiration and objectives of SEA-IGF 2021 to be inclusive and relevant are met. They will provide strategic advice and finalise themes and sub-themes of SEA-IGF 2021.

  • Ministry Communication and Informatics: Mariam Fatima Barata
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Penny Dewi Herasati
  • APNIC: Joyce Chen
  • Indonesia E-Commerce Association: Bima Laga
  • ASEAN CIO Association ( ACIOA ): Chaicharearn Atibaedya
  • Universitas Indonesia: Yudho Giri Sucahyo
  • Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy: Arfi Bambani Amri
  • Practitioner in International Regulatory Cooperation: Budi Yuwono
  • Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jaringan Telekomunikasi: Muhammad Arif
  • Asia Internet Coalition (AIC): Sarthak Luthra
  • ITB: Basuki Suhardiman
  • APJII: Jamalul Izza
  • ICT Watch: Indriyatno Banyumurti
  • FTII: Andi Budimansyah
  • Tifa Foundation: Shita Laksmi
  • MAG ID IGF: Astari Yanuarti
  • Dewan TIK Nasional: Ashwin Sasongko Sastrosubroto
  • IDNOG: Rommy Kuntoro
  • Global Voices: Juliana Harsianti
  • Directorate for Socio-Cultural Affairs and Developing Countries Intl. Org, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: B. Wishnu Krisnamurthi
  • ISIPII: Yuan Oktafian
  • ICANN: Jean Chong

Content Coordinator

Content Coordinator will be responsible to conduct outreach to the wider audience and relevant stakeholders. This aims to ensure  the submission and selection of incoming proposals will meet the deadlines. 

  • KPCPEN - Indonesia: Donny b.u
  • Indonesia Youth IGF: Bhredipta Socarana
  • Indonesia Youth IGF: Astari Yanuarti
  • MCIT Indonesia: Rizki Ameliah
  • TIC TIMOR I.P: Roberto Caitano de Sousa Vicente
  • Academics: Stephen Ng
  • Civil Society: Nica Dumlao
  • CSIS Indonesia: Fitriani
  • Civil Society: Kyung Sin Park

Organizing Committee

This committee would ensure participants experience a fruitful, enriching, pleasant, and smooth discussion leading to the event from the side of logistic preparation. 

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Alya Nurul Iffat
  • IDNOG: Parlindungan Marius
  • Registrar Pandi: Hendarwin Saputra
  • Telkom University: Willy Anugrah Cahyadi
  • APJATEL: Anna Roos Diana
  • AICOMS Telkom University: Suryo Adhi Wibowo
  • Indonesia Network Operator Group (IDNOG): Freddie Pinontoan


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About SEA IGF 2021

This event is an initiative by Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics and IGF Indonesia and we are open for stakeholders to get involved and contribute to building better internet governance in the Southeast Asia region.