Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia

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About SEA IGF 2021

As the regular IGF Session, SEA IGF does not make binding decisions, but only serves in an advisory capacity. The forum convenes for the purpose of discussion, information, and inspiration, with the primary goal of facilitating equitable and constructive dialogue among the various representatives and shaping debate within the relevant decision-making stakeholder at the regional level.

Therefore, we are delighted and feel honoured to collaborate with influential stakeholders in the Southeast Asia region in 2021. Our multi-stakeholder committee are comprised of:

Steering Committee

Through its supervisory and advisory role, ensures that the overall aspiration and objectives of the SEA IGF 2021 to be inclusive and relevant are met.

Content Coordinator

Outreached to a larger audience and relevant stakeholders to ensure that the submission and selection of incoming proposals are completed within the required time frame.

Organizing Committee

Ensured that participants had a fruitful, enriching, pleasant, and smooth discussion leading to the event from the side of logistic preparation.

Background of SEA IGF 2021

SEA IGF 2021 Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia

The year of 2020 and 2021 has been bringing the internet to the forefront of public debate as pandemic lurked in. The internet has provided solutions to the restriction of gathering in curbing the virus, while on the other hand, the landscape also presented its own emerging issues and trends. As a region with enormous internet economy potential (US$72bn contributed by 350 million internet users), Southeast Asian countries come with diverse internet-related issues (e.g. cybersecurity, net neutrality, online rights, youth and digital innovation). These issues have been triggering dissenting views from different stakeholders. 


In a global setting, following such a need to include, consider, and invite these stakeholders’ perspectives, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) initiated the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in 2006 and has since been holding the Forum annually.


Therefore, with aforementioned internet economy size and users, as well as diverse stakeholders’ views, Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics, along with the Indonesia Internet Governance Forum (ID-IGF), perceive the region is at importance to host its own regional-based Internet Governance Forum (IGF), succeeding valuable move initiated by WSIS and IGF Global.

1-2 September 2021

Bali, Indonesia

Sub-Themes of Discussion



ICT Infrastructure and Cyber Security
Digital Rights and Society
Youth and Innovation Development
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Internet Governance Forum 2013

Accepted Proposals

About SEA IGF 2021

This event is an initiative by Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics and IGF Indonesia and we are open for stakeholders to get involved and contribute to building better internet governance in the Southeast Asia region.